Info on New York

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New York is a fast moving,vibrant city that offers a perfect city break for anyone. With plenty of sunshine in the summer and picture perfect winters as shown on the film Home Alone 2.

Its a place where everyone dreams of visiting at least once in their lifetime whether its for the restaurants,shopping on Fifth Avenue or to see the attractions like the Chrysler Building we think New York is definately worth a visit.

New York Hotels

New York has some amazing hotels where you can stay or even just have your picture taken outside of !

As many have been made famous over the years for various reasons and you may even spot a celebrity during your stay.


While at the Big Apple as New York is otherwise known, most people choose to stay in the Manhattan area as this is the most central but it is also the most expensive.

The Carlyle and The Waldorf Astoria easily show the old fashioned New York with their classic buildings and luxurious interiors.


Or if you are looking to stay somewhere a bit more hip and trendy why not try The Alex hotel or even The TriBeCa Grand Hotel for all the latest in mod cons and must have vacation needs.



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